Alcohol Preps | Box 100 pieces


Alco preps are used to sterilize surfaces.

Very useful for cleaning injection ports and the small surfaces.


Buy Alcohol Preps

Buy Alcohol Preps online. Alco preps are used to sterilize surfaces.

Very useful for cleaning injection ports and small surfaces.

Necessary first aid-from cleaning small cuts, cuts, blemishes and pimples to disinfecting the skin area before injecting blood tests, vaccination or insulin injections, our mats can meet all kinds of disinfection needs.

Individual packaging-In order to better maintain its original quality and sterilization effect, our alcohol swabs are individually packaged in aluminum foil. This makes them very practical and easy to use for professionals and individuals at home.

Antibacterial properties-Our Prep Pads contain 70% isopropyl, which can be used for inspection or medical purposes to prevent infection before injection. Our cheek pads have a soft, highly absorbent 2-layer structure, which is perfect for any skin type.

Professional and family use: Our pads are conveniently packaged and can be used in professional facilities, such as hospice care, hospitals or medical facilities, and can also be used as an important supplement to any family first aid kit.

Find the right packaging for you: Medpride offers 100-piece and 200-piece alcohol preparation pads, so you can find the ideal choice to meet your individual needs.

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